Troubleshooting Meraki Wireless


This document is designed to help get you started troubleshooting when users are having trouble connecting to meraki wireless networks.

Client Logs

The best place to start looking for errors is the client logs. Client logs offer everything from client adapter, mac address, SSID, encryption type, username, RSSI, and more.

In this case I am running Windows 10 using an Intel 7260.  To get to the logs open Windows Event Viewer and navigate to:

  • Event Viewer
    • Applications and Services Logs
      • Microsoft
        • Windows
          • WLAN-AutoConfig
            • Operational

Event Viewer - Guest Failed PSK

  • As you can see in the event summary of this information error you can determine the PSK entered for our Guest network was incorrect.
  • A successful connection will contain 6 log messages for PSK and 7 for 802.1X.
    1. AcmConnection (1) – Connection initiated.
    2. MsmAssociation (1) – Network Associated Started.
    3. MsmAssociation (2) – Network Association Succeeded.
    4. MsmSecurity (1) – Wireless Security Started.
    5. OneXAuthentication (1) – 802.1X Authenticated Started. (WPA2-ENT only)
    6. OneXAuthentication (2) – 802.1X Authentication Succeeded. (WPA2-ENT only)
    7. MsmSecurity (2) – Wireless Security Succeeded.

If you’re working on a client and not seeing what you are expecting, remember the gold rule:  sometimes clients just need to be rebooted.

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