What’s New in Ekahau Site Survey 9.2

In late June 2018 Ekahau released Ekahau Site Survey 9.2 with two new features, coverage planning visualizations and bluetooth planning!

Select Coverage Planning from the visualization menu when in Planning mode to quickly see how AP placements may affect coverage in your floor plans.  While this only displays coverage, it is an excellent way to identify how your environment will interact with the RF.  Saving time and ultimately making it easier to make placement decisions.

Coverage Planning
Coverage Planning visualization in ESS 9.2

The second addition is Bluetooth visualization and planning.  Now you can plan your Bluetooth deployment and visualize the potential reach within your environment.  Ekahau has also added Aruba LS-BT10,  Aruba LS-BT20, and a Generic BLE that can be added to your planner for mapping.  Currently, only predictive surveys work, but I can only imagine what Ekahau has up their sleeve for designing and surveying BLE beacons.

To give the BLE planning a shot select the Bluetooth Coverage from the visualizations menu, Bluetooth Beacon from the now multifunction button for manual placements, and pick which beacon you wish to design for.

Bluetooth Beacon
Dropdown menu for manual planning

Set your requirements for overlap and start plotting away.  Want to place a beacon at all your printers and meetings rooms?  Go for it!  See if you can to tie in your room systems or deploy Aruba Meridian for turn-by turn directions to your meetings.  Neat!

Bluetooth planning in ESS 9.2

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